April 3rd, 2004

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It's a gorgeous morning. The birdies are out and singing, and it's not freezing even with the windows open, and the sun is shining down onto the cherry tree off the deck. Remmy is even laying in front of the open sliding glass door, but I suspect that part of it is that she wants to go outside and poop.

I'm making darling little bunnies for Easter. They're fat and fuzzy. The one I just made was out of luxury yarn that was used for Mom's Christmas scarf. It's green and nubby and furry. I think bunnies that are too furry look kind of weird, but this one is so soft that I'd probably choose it out of a lineup just to rub on my cheeks.

Today I will clean and do a buttload of laundry. I will go to the rose garden and find the concession stand and have lunch with rini. I will come back with Erin and we will play with Mary Kay samples and take pictures for incognita. Perhaps I will try to convince Cory to come with me to the optician and see if I can find any frames that I like, since my insurance is working again.

And I will do all of this in capris and sandals. Mmm.