April 5th, 2004

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Cory's birthday went really well!

Woke up in the morning early and Cory opened his present (fancy schmancy headphones!) and then we went to Waterfront Park so Cory could do a 5k. He hadn't run since we were in the Starlight Run last June, so now he's ultra sore. But he finished and he did pretty well, considering how much he runs. :) We were supposed to meet Mike down there, but he didn't show up, so we were a bit disappointed as we were going to have brunch with him afterwards. But it worked out pretty well, 'cause we went home for Cory to have a shower/bath and rest a little bit.

Then we went to Red Robin for a quick lunch and saw Hellboy. I'm a good wife because even though I don't want to see certain movies because of how stupid the previews look, I still go if my husband wants to, when it's his birthday. :D

After the movie, we came home and Cory fell asleep on the couch in the 20 minutes it took me to run to the store and pick up fixins for his birthday dinner (which I wasn't going to use anyway) and 2 birthday pies. It was getting close to 4, so I woke him up and tried to keep him busy (and keep him from changing into pajamas) until the surprise guests got here. At one point I glanced out the bedroom window and noticed two people getting out of a car and coming towards the stairs, which I thought were Adam and Laura, so I got all excited. But it wasn't them. Whoops. They finally got here at about 4:30 and joelseph and unbearablyjules were here a bit later, and we all chatted while the pies were baking. Mike didn't show up to the party either. (He'd called to tell me he was sick the evening before, but that he'd feel better on Sunday. Guess he was wrong.) We all went out to McMenamins and had dinner, and came back and played the Farming Game and had pie. 'Twas fun. Then I read a chapter of The Streets of Laredo for Cory, because that's what he said he wanted for his birthday. :) He told me this was his best birthday ever.