April 21st, 2004

S&G 1

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At least two people on my friends' list had job-related rants today. 'Twas interesting, how they coincided with my last day at work!

I got two nice little gifts from Marci and Donnita, and got lots of hugs from people, and now I'm home. I tried to make as little a deal about it as possible, which helped I think. I got a little teary as I left the parking lot, but I don't think it was from leaving work per se, it was more from realizing that I have to MOVE, to a different city, really soon. And that's a little bit scary.

I did my exit interview too. They ask me things like "what did you like best about working at Columbia, and what did you like least" and when the HR lady looked over the written part she said "wow, this is the most positive interview I've ever seen!" which was sad because I had written that the thing I liked best was morale at the company - everybody's so cheerful most of the time. :D

And now, lunch. And yoga with Haley. And a massage. I'm going to be a spaghetti noodle at the end of the afternoon - al dente. Heh.