May 26th, 2004

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Heh. I wrote this yesterday and forgot to post it.

I'm finally getting something done in regards to school. I'm going into Albany tomorrow morning and taking a placement test to see what math class I have to take. I was worried about it, but I'm not anymore.

Cory called in sick this morning. He has a cold.

Off to work.

So today. I went and took the placement test and much fun was had. OK, not really, but it was pretty painless and moderately quick. The test revealed what I already knew - that I'm not good at math. Duh, Ralph.

Today will probably be a quiet day - Cory's still sick in bed, and I only have two more things I need to do (renew my library book and call my doctor to reschedule an appointment). The rest of the day can be for rest. :)

Yesterday we got a bill from our old apartment. Yes, a bill. We owe them $208.72 for touchup paint on 4 walls, a replaced carpet, and the final utility bill. That's on top of the $400 security deposit that we paid a long time ago. Phooey on that. Another reason to enjoy this place - even though we had to clean it when we moved in, we won't get charged if we leave the carpet dirty. (Yeah, so Cory burned it a little when he was smoking, too, but that was only one little spot...)
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Today (so far anyway) hasn't quite gone the way I hoped. I ran my school errands and came home, and when Cory felt up to it we watched Elephant directed by Gus Van Sant, and filmed in Portland. It was interesting, but it wasn't my favorite. In the middle of the movie, my boss called to see if I could work from 2-7 for a girl who went home sick. I told her I'd call her back in five minutes, and then sat there crying because I didn't want to go, and trying to think up a good excuse. I finally just called back to say that Cory's mom was in town and we were supposed to go to dinner with her, and that I needed to call him to see if I could get out of it but he didn't want me to. Luckily, it wasn't my boss that answered the phone, so I didn't feel so icky lying about it.

Then I had some thinking time about whether a job should make me cry when they call me to come in at a weird time. At first, I was worried that the job was wrong for me, and that I needed to look around, but Cory talked to me a bit and told me that he thinks it'll just take some time for me to get used to it. So I'm going to give it a while longer, and if I still hate it even when I know how to do everything, I'll find something else. I may look around here and there just to see if there's anything better out there right now, but at this point I just need to suck it up.

Then right after our conversation (which happened in bed because Cory's sick enough to feel icky sitting up), I fell asleep next to him. And woke up three hours later. So now it's 6 and I feel like I wasted my last day off this week. Phooey. Although I guess what would I have done this afternoon? Probably what I'm doing now - reading LJ and trying to be quiet so Cory can sleep.