June 15th, 2004

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Today went by relatively quickly. I spent most of the morning being cold at home, and then at lunch I made sandwiches and went with Cory and Remmy to the park and then to the coffee shop, where my left shoulder got sunburned while my right shoulder did not. Or did very lightly.

Later, I went to the Local Yarn Shop. I walked in the door and it was completely silent inside, so I went into the back and saw a lady at a computer and said "Hi!" all excited-like, since I'm happy to have an LYS in my town. She ignored me, and the other two ladies that I discovered around the corner smiled at me like I didn't belong there. Whatever. Jerks. I looked around and didn't buy anything 'cause I don't need anything. But there was some pretty raw silk and some pretty mohair that I wanted.

When Cory got home, we had dinner and then went for a walk at about 8. We got outside and heard a band somewhere off in the distance, and followed it to Central Park, where probably 75 people were watching a band play. We stopped for a minute and listened, and then kept going towards Safeway, where ice cream was waiting for us. It was a perfect evening - perfect temperature, and a little breeze.

Then we came home and I made the last curtain for my windows and finished crocheting my loop stitch bath mat and started the mat for in front of the sink. And I oiled my sewing machine when I was done with the curtain, too, which took forever. So really, I've gotten quite a bit done.

Tomorrow: must call an advisor so I can talk to him/her on Friday hopefully. I need to know what requirements I've finished with, and what classes I need to take. Then I must work.