June 25th, 2004

S&G 1

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I just finished typing out the rest of the letters Cory's Grandpa Ryan wrote to his brother George when he was in the hospital. And then I wrote an introduction to the book, too. It sounds pretty good. Now all that needs to be done are some more laying out of pages by Cory, and a call to the book binding place on Monday to finalize prices. I'm excited to see this come into fruition. I've never made a book before - it must be really neat to hold a hardcover in your hand and see your name and your words inside. Even though everyone else will think Cory wrote it, since I pretended I was Cory when I wrote it. :)

Yesterday I shopped with my auntie Stacey, and we had a good dinner of BBQed pork and mushrooms and corn on the cob and a yummy cucumber salad that my great grandma used to make when she was alive. I watched The Goodbye Girl and it made me want Richard Dreyfuss. I sang along with Norah Jones on the way home and rolled down the windows to smell the grass.

Today I still have to work for five and a half hours. It's really weird to have almost the whole day off and still work more than a half day too. I'm closing for the first time tonight. It'll be interesting. And then I'm going to go to sleep so I can get up in the morning extra early and go to the BEACH! I think I'm more excited than Remmy!