July 26th, 2004

S&G 1

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Today is the first day of our class, Science and Culture in Western Tradition. It's a 10-week class squeezed into 5 weeks, and we have to turn in a 10-page research paper by the end. That's a lot of pages for such a short class. Oh well.

Tomorrow is my OLCC class, so I can get my beer and wine server's certification. Too bad it doesn't include mixed drinks. Though I don't know why I'd need certification for mixed drinks anyway. My coworker Laura and I are going to do it together.

Wednesday I will be getting my hair cut. No more dye. But that means I'm cutting off half of it, which is kind of sad. Oh well, it grows. I will also be going to class on Wednesday.

Thursday I work.

Friday I work.

Saturday I'm on call. We may be going to the library to start our research papers.

I'm a little worried about the class. Well, I guess it's just a vague unease. I haven't been to a class since I was 20, I think. It's been longer for Cory, too. Poor unpracticed us. But I'm excited at the same time - I like classes!