August 14th, 2004

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Look at my schedule, starting yesterday:
Friday: 11-6
Saturday: 11-6
Sunday: 12-close (8:30 or so)
Monday: 10-5
Tuesday: 10-5
Wednesday: 10-5
Thursday: 4-close (9:30 or so)

SEVEN days in a row. And then Friday-Sunday of next week off. But still, phew! That's 52.5 hours. Although really, Sunday is the beginning of a new week, so I have only 39.5 hours for next week. But that's awfully close to REAL full time, and I'm kind of surprised that they're letting that happen since I should only be having 32 or less so they don't have to give me benefits. The paycheck I got yesterday looks really nice though. I want to buy CLOTHES. :D

I got my OLCC (Oregon Liquor Control Commission) license in the mail the other day, and yesterday I got to ring up my first beer. Woo.
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Not sure if I mentioned this either, but the other day I finished the books for the reunion. As soon as I find my pad of paper I can figure out how long it took me. Aha, there it is.

Let's break it down chronologically.
I typed the letters up from copies of handwritten ones Jim wrote - 20 minutes on average for each letter (of which there are 55) - total of 18 hours.

Cory did the layout on his computer several times, because he'd get a draft done and send it to Jim for editing, and he'd have to redo the layout each time - 15 hours.

Cory designed maps of the area based on maps that a friend of Sally drew, based on maps that Jim drew - 8 hours.

Cory and I read through the whole thing to make sure we didn't miss anything, cross-referencing names for consistent spelling and other such things - 4 hours.

We went to Cory's work at night one night and printed and copied all of the pages - 2 hours.

I spent 4 minutes folding the pages (32 pages for each book, I think) into 9 signatures, 5 minutes poking holes down each crease in each signature, about 30 minutes sewing the signatures together - 19.5 hours.

I glued the edges of the pages together (where I sewed), glued the spines on, and glued the covers on - 10 hours.

Lastly I taped the spines with black duct tape (it looks better than it sounds) to reinforce them and make them a little more interesting - 2 hours.

So the total hours we spent on the project (not including the times that we sent edits to Jim and waited for a week or two to get them back and that sort of thing) is 68.5. I started typing (not earnestly though) in January, and we got three groups of letters throughout the spring and into the summer. And I started binding I think at the beginning of July or the end of June.