August 20th, 2004

S&G 1

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Sometimes Trout sits on the desk right next to me, pointing her face towards me with her eyes closed, 'cause she loves. And usually I pet her while she's there. And sometimes she's so happy she has to sniff my nose. It cracks me up every time she does it because it feels like a new boyfriend going in for the kill for the first time - she goes slow and I have time to think "uh-oh, here she goes!" That probably doesn't make sense but it's funny to me.

Shower time, then finish-packing time, and then CAMPING TIME TRA LA

Jed gave me Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday off. He says with all the time I've been working it's only one day off more than I'd usually get. That means I get to go camping, see Rachel when she comes up, AND do my CritiCall test!