August 28th, 2004

S&G 1

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I took my CritiCall test this morning.

I got to the police station (can you believe I've never been in a police station?) early and waited for the Communications lady to come and get me and four other people. One of the people in our group said that she'd taken the test before, and that it would take two and a half hours, which I was kind of surprised about.

The woman took us into a little room with five computers, and we sat down and got to work. There were several different sections: spelling, prioritization, sentence comprehension, short-term memorization, data entry, and stuff like that. We were told to hurry on the data entry, as their minimum KPH was over 5000; and the rest of the test wasn't timed, although we got an hour and a half to finish. We had to get an 80% minimum.

I finished in 40 minutes, and went into the woman's office (she said "wow, you're finished already?!") so she could get my results (and if I passed, she would schedule me for an interview). She came back with my paper and said "you did better than me!" I got a 93% and over 8000 KPH. So I have an interview at 9am on Tuesday!

I sang a little triumph song in the car on the way home. :D