September 24th, 2004

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Today was a long day. And tough for a few people at work, too. Our dishwasher's daughter's appendicitis flared up again and she has to have an appendectomy tonight - Otilia found out just a few hours ago. This morning, Val pulled the coffee filter drawer thingy out of the coffee maker when it was still brewing, sloshing super super hot coffee all over her chest and sending her to the hospital. Luckily, quick thinking (I just typed that "thick quinking" at first) made it so she only suffered first degree burns. Poor thing, though - it hurts no matter what degree it is. She was supposed to work tomorrow at 7, but I'm taking over instead.

Oh, and a lady ranted to me for several minutes at the cash register about how Bush wants to make the US a dictatorship and about how the poor protesters in NY were beaten and arrested for no reason and blah blah blah. I felt bad for the other customers who had to wait for her to finish so I could wait on them.

So tomorrow I work at 7, and when I get off work I'm going to go to the Fall Festival a couple of blocks away from here. I'm going to see how booths are set up and maybe I'll try to have one with solteronita next year. And maybe I'll taste some wine and listen to some music too. Mmm, fall.

Sleepy and thirsty. Must go.