September 26th, 2004

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Fall Festival

We went to the Fall Festival yesterday after I got off work. It was in Central Park, which is only about three or four blocks from here. There were lots of booths, and it all looked just like a little teensy Portland Saturday Market, with the guy who makes tie-died clothes and the guy who makes metal things and the pottery guy... that sort of thing. There was only one booth that was full of knitted hats and woven scarves, and since I want to do a booth I asked the lady who was manning this particular one how long it took her to do an entire booth's-worth of hats. She said "well, I machine-knit them, so I do about 25 a week." CHEATER! Here I was thinking that she actually put time into them with her own two hands and two knitting needles, and she uses a machine. Phooey. But that's what'll make the crochet booth stand out - they're all HAND CROCHETED. None of this machine crap. :D

So then we went to the little food area and the only thing that looked good was Pad Thai, and we almost didn't go because it was run by Democrats and I was in a feisty mood. I didn't really want my money to go towards helping Kerry, but then I figured that a lot of my money already has, if you count the people who get some of my money and then give their personal money to the Kerry camp. (That sentence totally didn't make sense, but I know what I mean.) So we got some Pad Thai and it ended up being gross but we ate it anyway. And then I got an elephant ear (not in a booth run by Republicans, though that would have been fitting. They were right next door) and it was yummy.

So that's my Fall Festival Story. The end.
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Yay for the last night before classes start. EVERYBODY'S PLAYING THEIR MUSIC REALLY LOUD. Well, not right at this second, but Cory had a bad day trying to not go crazy in here. Poor thing.

I've started crocheting a candy corn hat. It's going to be cute, but only when I get some bright orange yarn. Until then, it'll be a bunch of nothing.