October 19th, 2004

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I had a message on the machine when I got home from work. It was the lady from the assisted living place, and she wanted me to call her back. She even gave me her cell phone number just in case I would be calling after she left work. So I called back and she asked if I could go in for another interview because the lady she hired wasn't doing too well there and she was thinking she was going to have to let her go.

So I think I'm the new activities director!!

I'm actually going to call her now again and see if she wants me to put in my two weeks or if I should wait until she hears from this lady about whether she's going to keep her job. :)
S&G 1

On giving my 2-week notice

Well that was rather amusing.

I got a phone call from Lynn, the administrator who sort of hired me today and who I met with earlier. I'd left a message asking if I should be putting my 2 weeks in tomorrow, or what. 'Cause she was kind of vague. She said I should.

So I went to work (I took Remmy so nobody would kidnap me) and told Jed tonight, because I didn't want to tell him with Ann there because I didn't know what she would say. And I kind of don't like her. (She's the owner of the bakery.) Jed was quiet a lot, probably because he knew this means more interviews for him. Poor guy. I wouldn't like to do interviews either. (I think another coworker is leaving too - she put in her notice yesterday, I'm pretty sure.)

Here's the amusing part. One of the first questions he asked was "are they offering you more money?" That was actually amusing on two counts: one, was he asking because he was prepared to give me more? (Yeah, right.) Two, what other place on earth would I go to that pays me the same amount?? I told him that yes, it paid more, but it was also an office job, Monday through Friday, and it was just better all around for me. So I put it in writing and on the written notice I also thanked them for hiring me and being such good employers (yeah, right). La la la. Then I left and now I'm home and I'm hungry. FEED ME.