November 2nd, 2004

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So after the ordeal I went through to get the DVD in time for the residents to watch it on Sunday... the caregivers didn't play it. ARGH.

Yesterday was fun - crafts, exercising, Vi being very upset because she thought her kids hated her and they locked her in her room... hopefully she's a little better today after some sleep. We shall see.

I think I will go to Fred's and see what they have in the shoe department. I want some higher shoes that can replace these cheapo ugly loafer things.

The world needs to slow down a little, please.

Oh hey, NICOAL! Are you all shopped out, or do you want to go to Old Navy this weekend when you're here? There's one in Salem and one in Eugene - those are the closest ones. Since you know Eugene, we could go visit that one?
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I forgot to add:

* Last night I saw my first Christmas gift-related television commercial. From Target.
* This morning I saw a V of geese flying south.
* I just dug my long long scarf out of the closet so I can wear it to work. I love this scarf. I might have to wear it all day, even though it doesn't match my clothes!