November 7th, 2004

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Good morning!

It's very very nice to have two days off in a row. Especially when you kind of dread going back to work. I've decided that this coming week will be MUCH better. I'm going to make it so.

Yesterday Nicoal came over, and we went to Eugene and shopped. I spent too much money. But I got a lot of stuff, stuff that I'm going to use a lot, so that's good. When we got back Cory had ordered pizza so we ate that while watching a movie and then Nicoal went home. Sometime we'll have to spend more than just a couple of hours together, i think. Maybe a slumber party is in order! :D

Cory is still snoring. I should probably wake him up so we can go do things. I'm not sure what yet, but something.

Perhaps I'll go take Remmy out first.