November 25th, 2004

S&G 1


Tuesday night I went up and got Haley. Traffic was horrendous just south of Salem, and I ended up getting off I5 as soon as possible and driving on surface streets through the city. Luckily when I got back on everything was OK. There was a big accident, I think, in the middle of Salem and traffic was backed up for miles.

Oh yes, and before that I left work late because I talked to the owner of Park Place and it went really well. She's a lot more patient with me than Lynn is. So I'm having a pretty good week but I'm kind of dreading her coming back. I have to wait until I've worked with her a little more before I figure out if this place (or her, anyway) isn't right for me.

So Wednesday I went and took my math proficiency test, and then Haley and I went out for dinner. We planned on going to McMenamins but the parking lot was packed so we figured we'd go get something quickly. We went to Taco Bell. I warned Haley as we went in that this is the worst Taco Bell I'd ever been to, but I wasn't prepared for it to take twenty five minutes for us to get our food. After we ordered. I checked.

We went and got Cory after that, and we goofed off and I made Erin's Peanut Butter Pie and went to bed.

This morning we slept in and had a lazy morning making vegetable casserole and playing Christmas music and getting ready, and then we went to Grandma's house. When we got there and knocked on the door, nobody answered; and nobody was parked outside. So we continued on to Stacey's house, thinking I was wrong about where we were eating.

I turned down the street that Stacey lives on, and Stacey was turning off it. We stopped and she rolled down her window and said "we're eating at Grandma's!" so we went back. Good thing they don't live further apart. Heh.

So off we went, watching the dog show and having turkey and putting puzzles together. It was fun. We talked to Mom on the phone and I missed her. And we all got pink bracelets from my aunt Dayle, for breast cancer awareness.

And now we're eating leftovers and watching TV and I'm just about ready to go to sleep since it'll be just the two of us in here again. That's always nice. :)