November 29th, 2004

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Sunday in pictures (One picture is out of order but I can't be bothered to fix it, so there.)

Sunday in words:
Woke up and had a nice morning lounging around. When Cory came back from taking the dog out, he told me a pickup parked in the driveway outside (just behind us, actually) had been broken into - the back passenger-side window was smashed, the passenger door was open, and there were wires poking out from a missing sound system. That's kind of scary. We made sure we took all the CDs out of our car yesterday, as a result. Cory even called the police to report it, since we didn't know whose it was and we didn't know if they'd call the police, but they told us they couldn't do anything about it until the owner of the truck called. But we saw police out there later so our neighbor must have called.

I finished putting together the Lego train that was going to go around the base of the Christmas tree, and watched a little TV, and Cory played Shadowbane on the computer. I started getting a little restless so we went to Starbucks and had some coffee, and were a little upset at each other for mostly Shadowbane-related reasons, which made for a quiet coffee trip.

I did some homework when we got home, and made some pie, and when it was finished baking we went to WinCo where there was a Christmas tree lot. I like tree lots. We found a 3.5-foot Noble and I cut a lot of the top off so now with the star it's about 3.5 feet tall. Or maybe a teensy bit less. Anyway, I decorated the tree while Cory played Shadowbane, and I watched Pollyanna on OPB. Then we had pie and went to sleep, where I woke up remembering I was going to go in to work on Sunday and meet the pastor who just started doing church services for us. So I spent most of the night waking up suddenly, worried that I'd forgotten something. And usually they were silly little things that didn't make any sense.

Lynn comes back today. And Debbie is also coming in today, because they're going to do a major firing sweep of caregivers. How scary.