December 6th, 2004

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OK, so a real post might be nice once in awhile.

Been busy. Can you tell? Also just haven't had the desire to share, I guess. Things are better at work but not perfect - they might never be perfect. At least most of the things I'd been worried about (namely the fact that we had less cash in the cash box than we were supposed to) turned out to be easily fixable and things that I didn't get in trouble for.

This weekend was spent mostly at home, watching DVDs and being lazy. It was nice. We did a ton of laundry though, too. Clean blankets are always so nice to sleep in.

Today is a busy busy day. Observe:
9:30 arrive at work, load people onto the bus
10:00 go to Storybook Land in Albany
12:00 be back for lunch
1:00 or so begin cleaning the dining room like a madwoman, set up rooms for party
6:00 help out at the Christmas party
8:00 go pick up Cory and go home

Tomorrow I get to go to work at 11 though, so that's nice. I like short days. And hopefully after tonight things won't be quite so busy at work. Except I like being busy because then I don't feel like I'm doing anything wrong since I know what I'm supposed to be doing. (I'm paranoid that if I sit for two minutes at work, Lynn will come in and get mad at me for not doing anything.)

Yesterday Cory and I started trying out Cory's mustard recipe. We bought a bunch of baby food jars to put the mustard in (they were cheaper than empty jars, and the perfect size) and we mixed up about half a cup of mustard. I've tasted it twice now and both times it's been SO spicy that I have to run to the sink to drink water. I'm not sure how to make it less spicy. Maybe mixing the mustard flour with sherry instead of water made it worse. :D

Tomorrow is Mom's birthday.