December 14th, 2004

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OK, so I like Starbucks and all, but what's up with the corny poem on the holiday cups this year??

It's time for wonderful wonders.
Christmas carols, pretty presents
and timeless traditions. Stirring
mice, dancers on ice, and
everybody being nice. Mistletoe
kisses and holiday wishes.
Shoppers rushing home from
the mall - and a moment of
peace to enjoy it all.

Yay for mixing rhymes and alliteration in the same poem. Yay for stupid subject matter. And what the hell is a wonderful wonder?!
S&G 1

(no subject)

I'm biding my time at home until it's time to go to work - I'm going late today because I'm staying late to take the residents out on a drive to see Christmas lights.

I'm kind of restless this morning. Part of it was that I was all ready to go to work two hours ago and then I remembered I was going in late.

Hmm, turns out I'm too restless to type. :D I'm going to go... do something.