January 15th, 2005

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Oh no, it's already started. These neighbors are already driving me crazy with their bass thumping our walls. If I'm already pissed off, how is it going to be when the weather gets nicer??

Today was a hard day on both of our wallets. We got up this morning and went to Blackledge Furniture to look at mattresses, and see what kind we wanted and what price range we were going to be looking at. I like that little store - 4 floors of all kinds of different furniture. It's fun to browse around in. rini and I went and looked at all of it a few months ago when she visited Corvallis, and we played around on the beds too. This time was a little less fun - we didn't even look at the ones that massaged or moved around. :) A saleslady snapped us up the second we got in the door, and showed us her most expensive bed first - a TemperPedic or something like that. Memory foam that conforms to your body and makes a little nest for you. It was comfy but we didn't need all that fanciness. We did like a Beautyrest pillowtop mattress set, though, that was on clearance for $697. And we decided if we were going to get a bed, we'd get a queen size instead of a king, even though people have been telling us we'd want a king. That's a lot of space, and it would be really hard to have in the bedroom. And hard to move. So a queen is good.

Then we went and ate lunch and went to the Mac Store so Cory could buy a laptop. It's a nice little laptop! He's currently charging the battery. We also got a printer that's going to be free once we send in the rebate. :)

After we picked up the laptop, we went into Albany to go to Mattress Land. I really hate their jingle, so much so that I almost didn't go there. But we went anyway, because it was the only mattress store that we could think of that's in the area and is a relatively big chain. Mattress Land was a disappointment - their prices were higher than Blackledge, which I was surprised at, and by quite a bit too. The salesman told us to come back on Tuesday when they'd be selling their floor models.

We went home then, so that Cory could open his laptop and start playing with it. And I went back to Blackledge and bought the bed. They won't be delivering it until Monday sometime (thank goodness Cory has Monday off and can meet the delivery guys). I was pretty grumpy earlier because I was racking my brain trying to find someone who had a truck and could bring the darn thing here from the store - it's only 8 blocks and I have to pay $25 for them to wait until Monday and then drive it within walking distance of where they work. But I couldn't think of anybody, so I was out of luck and I wanted my mattress NOW. I can't help it, I'm impatient! Oh well.

And now we're trying to figure out how to set up the living room better so we can have the laptop in a good spot. It's hard to figure out though, 'cause there's only one phone jack in this room and we don't want cables all over the place.

And now, to bed. Only two nights left in your wretched little life, current mattress.