January 25th, 2005

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Remmy played parkball for the first time in three weeks, this morning. She ran like a little puppy, with little leaps and bounds and huge strides; and she kept missing the ball and sliding on her chest. We would have stayed out longer, but a lady and her dog were coming and I didn't want Remmy to run off to the other dog, so I leashed her up and we started home. She didn't even see the other dog until we'd started walking on her leash, which was nice.

Our DVD player broke. Does anybody have any recommendations for a new one? Ours is a Panasonic, so we're not sure we want to get another one - at least not of that caliber.

Today I take seniors to K-Mart. Yippee.

Haven't heard anything about the job, but it's only been a day. I really want it to work out though. And I noticed that I'm slightly less nervous about my current job now that I know I have an out. Or hope I have an out, anyway. :) I'll keep looking though.

Oh yes, and I have a haircut appointment today. I'm happy - I know it's time to get my hair cut when I start dreaming that it reaches my shoulders and I have to pull it back off my face.