February 5th, 2005

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It's kind of funny what a visitor can do to your house, before they even get there.

At just after 9 solteronita told me she was coming.

Now it's almost noon, and I've done the following:

*Loaded the dishwasher, cleaned the counters, swept the floor in the kitchen.
*Cleaned the mirror, sink, litter box, and floor in the bathroom
*Vacuumed the entire living room and down the hall, including the edges with the crevice tool, and the couch.
*Cleaned up all the clutter in the living room - there were piles of papers everywhere. (I didn't do much with those - just threw away the trash and made neater piles on shelves.)
*Swept the laundry room, the entryway on this level, vacuumed the stairs up to the front door, swept the front entryway, swept the front porch. (They're common areas, and lots of people track in dirt - I think I'm the only person who's cleaned it since we moved here. I did it when we first moved in last spring/summer, and then again today.)

I even did my hair and got dressed so I wouldn't be scary when Nicoal gets here.

Yay for productivity! I feel good.

Now I will go dust. And maybe tonight I'll hang the rest of the pictures which have just been sitting on the floor in the hallway alcove collecting dust.
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Nicoal came today!

We went to Evergreen and had some Indian buffet. I always take people there because Cory doesn't like Indian. Heh.

Then we walked around downtown. We went to the yarn shop and it was really busy in there. I want to own a crochet yarn shop, with no knit stuff anywhere. In the "crochet corner" of the yarn store there was a pretty red scarf made with Solomon's Knot stitches. I just did a string of them and they're pretty easy except for trying to keep the big loops the same size. I might have to make a similar scarf.

Yay for tangents.

So after we walked around and looked at crocheted things in the import store and sat on a couch or two at Inkwell Home Store, we walked home in a little downpour.

Then we went all over the world trying to find a suitable ottoman to replace the papasan footstool which I haven't given to Nicoal yet, even though she has the papasan. I almost got into an accident in the Target parking lot. We didn't find a suitable ottoman, after all that work, but it was fun to window shop, and laugh at the weird things at Ross.

Nicoal went home at about the same time I went to pick Cory up from work. Now I'm trying to get warm, because this room is freezing. (I opened the windows earlier when I was cleaning and all hot and sweaty and the sun was out.)

I'm thinking about becoming a certified crochet instructor. I don't know if it's worth the money. I don't know how to do the afghan stitch, though, or tunisian crochet, so I have to learn those first. Must find an afghan hook somewhere. I've been interested in learning stuff like that - maybe I should make a sampler afghan or something so I can get some practice. But even if I become certified, I don't know if anybody in Corvallis wants to learn how to crochet. Heh.

I'm sleepy. Perhaps I'll crochet a little, and then go read my new book (Wicked by Gregory Maguire) until my husband gets home.