February 8th, 2005

S&G 1

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So, I got fired last night. And after I did, Cory and I went to McMenamins to celebrate. :) I really am happy to be out of there. I wish I could have just not gone back to work of my own accord. But I'm kind of slow when it comes to changing jobs. Now I don't have to worry about all of that stuff anymore, and I don't have to have that horrible feeling in my stomach all day!

So here is my first day of unemployed-ness. I shall be cleaning the house, making dinner for my husband before he gets home, and perhaps looking for jobs, although I just looked two days ago and there probably won't be much of a change in the scene yet. And this time I'm going to find a job I can do comfortably!

In the meantime, if the weather isn't too bad going over Santiam Pass, I shall be going to visit my poor bald mommy for a few days, since I can. :D