February 28th, 2005


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Last night I persuaded Cory to call in sick today so he could have another day to rest and have fun. Thus, I am typing on the laptop while Cory kills golems in Hordes of the Underdark and singing about killing golems to the tune of Thriller. Yup.

I crocheted a little lamb today. I used some pictures from a Japanese site, so it wasn't completely made up by me but it's still my pattern. It cracks me up, this lamb does. It's silly-looking. I'll post it here and in crochet later when I can upload it. Hmm, perhaps I can do it here - I guess I don't necessarily need iPhoto on the big computer. I also need to make a bag for my yoga mat, and I feel like making up some more patterns for things. I'd love to be able to put a pattern up at Crochet Me - I've wanted to get into the crochet circles on LJ but I don't tend to write about my projects as much as I probably should.

I dreamed about sleeping with my husband. "That" kind of sleeping. That's always fun, unless your husband wakes you up while you're busy dreaming. :D

Perhaps I can think up something to do this evening. And tomorrow's my birthday! I'll officially be halfway to 50!
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My post to the Crochet community

Now that spring is starting to show up, I thought I might start thinking about what I want to make for Easter. Last year the bunnies that were so popular last year in this community (the ones made from a square of crocheted fabric) were also pretty popular in my family - everybody got one.

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