March 31st, 2005

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What a pretty day to walk to the library.

The sun is shining, and thanks to all the rain we've had for a week, everything is green. I walked under a sycamore tree that just got its leaves back - they were wrinkled and looked wet, like a new butterfly's wings.

I walked through Central Park, which has a gazebo and a playground. On some summer evenings, bands play in the gazebo. And like every weekday that has decent weather, the playground was full of stay-at-home moms and grandmas running after their toddlers or pushing a swing or standing at the foot of the spiral slide to catch a little one. As it's lunch time, the one picnic bench had a couple of lunch-breaking women with brown paper bags. On the path that goes around the park to the west, a woman in a pink sports bra was doing tai chi really fast, whipping her arms around. Somehow I'm not sure that's how you do it.

So I walked to the library and dropped off my books, and then went in search of new videos since I was there. The A/V section was being revamped, though, by a few guys with carts, so I skipped it.

On the way out, a big-boned young college boy with ruddy cheeks smiled at me and said hi. I smiled back because I'd almost passed him by then and I couldn't process a reply quickly enough. I held the door open for a lady as I left.

And then I walked back through Central Park. The tai chi ladi was approached by a chatty passerby. One of the grandmas was escorting her charge to the newly vacant picnic table, carrying a vinyl lunch bag. In the apartments down the street a cockatiel was shrieking, mostly making annoying cockatiel noises but once in awhile doing a pretty good impression of a scrub jay. A bug or two flew in my face.

And then I opened the windows when I got home. Now I'm feeling a nice spring breeze.

The weatherman says it'll rain again tomorrow.
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As I ventured out into the recently-flooded field where Remmy plays, searching for the ball she lost, I swear I heard draining. Just into the dirt. Have you ever heard a field draining?

Tonight will be pasta. And asparagus. And biochemistry experiments. And sleep.