June 1st, 2005

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Last night as I left work, I noticed there was a mouse in the trap. I took a closer look - it had only three legs. :)

Yesterday I was on 8th and Van Buren, waiting to cross the busy street, and when I started going across Van Buren a lady turned left right in front of me. And then she flipped me off like I was in the wrong! I hate it when people do that!!

Cory had a meeting with the CEO of his company yesterday, about the website. The part he's got finished got rave reviews, which hopefully means he gets a raise this fall, but we'll see. He's going to ask for a lot, and his new boss is going to back him up, which is promising. He deserves a lot more than he's getting. But he has 30 days to finish the entire website - yikes.

I actually have had stuff to do today. That makes the day go by a bit faster, luckily.

I need diet Coke.