June 4th, 2005

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I need to figure out how to take an allergy pill before I wake up so that I'm not miserable for half an hour after I get out of bed. One nostril is stuffed full, I'm wheezing (Cory says I sound like Darth Vader), my nose and the roof of my mouth itch, and my eyes are watering. It's very sexy.

In a few minutes we will drive to Les Schwab and then walk 2.5 miles home. Maybe I can convince Cory to let me run to JoAnn and buy some knitting needles first though.
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I'm still up, so I might as well write.

Today was kind of miserable, but not because of what we did. I had awful awful allergies all day.

We tried to go to the Strawberry Festival in Lebanon, because we wanted strawberry shortcake, so we drove over there only to realize that we didn't have any idea where the park was that the festivities were housed, and we couldn't use the vague "off highway 20" directions I found because 20 was blocked off for the strawberry festival parade. We stopped and watched it for a few minutes and after we saw five Red Hat Society floats go by, we kind of lost interest and went home.

In the meantime, the Kirkland allergy pill I'd taken right before we left wasn't helping me in the least. So we went to Safeway and I got some Alavert, the ones that dissolve in your mouth and are supposed to last 24 hours. It's not completely helping either but it's better than Costco brand.

After home and lunch and some MythBusters on Discovery Channel, we went downtown and walked around. We've been looking for the old Chronicles of Narnia, which we can't find anymore; the ones which start with The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe instead of The Magician's Nephew. We were unsuccessful, but we had a nice little walk and saw some nice old houses.

And then dinner and bedroom-cleaning and cookie-making and Cribbage-playing and nookie and sleep. Well, all but the last thing, for me, anyway. I was lying there barely able to breathe, I'm so congested in my chest. (It was like that all afternoon - I couldn't walk very fast because I could hardly breathe.) Cory says I sound like Darth Vader's kid sister.

So here I sit, waiting to feel a little better so I can try to go back to bed. Something tells me tonight isn't going to be so much fun.