July 10th, 2005

S&G 1

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Yesterday I finally SOLD THE DESK! $45 was handed to me and the desk is OUT of the closet. Unfortunately, she didn't need the chair mat thingy, but we'll put that out by the dumpsters and someone will come round and get it. (I'm always hearing people stop their cars by the dumpsters so they can go diving.)

I also helped Cory make an outline for his site map for the NIRSA website. It took a few hours because the existing site is really convoluted. But hopefully this will help. We had to keep each other on task because a lot of the time we'd come to a page and say "why the hell is this like this?!"

We had really good pizza from American Dream for dinner - pesto sauce, herbed chicken, red onions and artichokes. Yum.

And now it's Sunday again. And I need to go grocery shopping.