July 23rd, 2005

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My grandparents put their house up on the market on Thursday. Here is the listing. I'm not surprised at the amount they're selling it for, as it's in a pretty nice part of town. I'm excited to go back in a few years and see what the new owners do to it, because it hasn't been updated in ages and it could really look neat if someone put some work into it.

Yesterday we had the misfortune of watching Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band". We couldn't stand it after awhile, even with skipping from scene to scene, and we ended up turning it off. It was pretty awful.

We also watched Logan's Run which was much better, though still not great. I like earlyish science fiction though, so even though I could do without the whole "what is a beloved husband?" stuff it was entertaining. Michael York has always kind of freaked me out though. I don't know why. He's weird.

Laundry today. Also baking with marionberries because I have lots of them from a farm that gave the people in the office berries in exchange for sawdust. (I love small towns - where else can you trade things like that?) Also cleaning stuff. I already did most of the kitchen, though I'm thinking the floor needs a good scrub.