August 5th, 2005

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Today I spent most of my work day moving a bunch of desks around. It turned out really nice, and when I move to that desk from my nice front desk at the end of the month I won't feel uncomfortable. (It used to be a corner desk with the computer screen facing everybody who ever looked through the door into that part of the building, or came in to get coffee, or went by to go to the restrooms. Now the screen is at a different angle and works much better.)

And after work, Cory and I braved the hot and went to the Benton County Fair. It was pretty fun. I had fun watching the little kids running up to sheep to pet their ears and stuff. I think we took a picture of one little girl standing under the mister with her arms up in the air - she was cute.

So we saw livestock and poultry and the biggest rabbit I've ever seen (about the length of Trout but much fatter) and quilts and knitting and crocheting and jams and banana chips and pies and cookies. And we watched the very beginning of the rodeo, when the queens galloped around the arena with flags. And then I had half a snow cone and Cory had a fried Twinkie. They're apparently all the rage at county fairs now. It tasted really interesting, and I might have to have another one someday to decide if I like it.

Then we took the free trolley back home and walked through Central Park, where a pastor and his church backup band was singing songs and trying to get people to come up to the stage to get saved. We were almost out of the park when a guy ran up to us and scared us. "Are you right with God? Are you saved?" "Yes! Yes!!" "Ok, well, keep praying! God bless!" Phew.

So tomorrow the Grandparents Granholm will be having lunch with us as they pass through on their way back home in the Bay Area from Portland. I think we'll be taking them to the new Water Street Market place with the winery in the basement. I don't know if they're wine people, but there looked to be some good food there; and if for some reason we can't go there there's always the Big River standby. And then I may be meeting my friend Erin in Monmouth so she can show me pictures from her recent Guatemala trip. We shall see.

So off to bed I go in a few minutes, so I can wake up in the morning and clean the apartment, since the GG's will be coming here first.