November 14th, 2005

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There was a mass exodus of geese passing over me as I walked Remmy to the park this morning. I'd say probably two or three hundred, most in one huge group of several broken V's and U's and ~'s. They're pretty loud, even from way up in the sky.

As we passed the church a block away, I noticed quite a bit of ripped-open trash bags and various pieces of trash, including something I threw away yesterday. That's kind of icky.

This weekend went by in a flash.

Today is a Simon and Garfunkel kind of day.
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Lunch is grits with cheddar and Mrs. Dash, thanks for asking!

It was going to be Burger King because I was starved and they're fast, but I had no cash.

No word from hopeful future landlords. Hurry hurry!
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Last April when Cory was at his conference in Orlando, he met a man who he'd helped out with a big tennis program. The man was so grateful that he promised "some tennis stuff" to Cory (and me because I helped). We hadn't heard anything until last week, when he remembered us and called to say he was sending us something.

We got it today!

It was a HUGE basket with four or five t-shirts, two baseball caps, a bottle of wine, a really cute bag, some food (crackers and almonds and stuff), and a few other things. It was like Christmas! It's awesome!

My favorite is the wicking t-shirt, which I'd been wanting to buy for awhile to wear while running and hadn't gotten around to it yet.