December 23rd, 2005

S&G 1

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Turkey and Stuffing Pie is in the oven, broiling to crisp the top before it's ready to cool off and get to the... oops, there goes the timer.

Anyway. Turkey and Stuffing Pie is cooling in the kitchen, and then it'll go in the fridge all ready for Christmas dinner. And it only took two trips to Thriftway to get everything I needed. (I doubled the recipe in my head and then didn't write down doubled ingredients for everything.) I made Cory go the second time because it was slow at the store and I didn't want the checker to laugh at me. Good thing Thriftway is only a block and a half away.

I think that's enough cooking for tonight. Tomorrow I'll make Chocolate Malt Sandwich cookies and Surprise Cookies. I'm kind of worried that they won't turn out well because of my apparent track record with baking, but hopefully Cory will help and they'll be done without me having to tear my hair out. Heh.

I felt icky all day yesterday and all morning today, with a dehydration headache. I'm just never thirsty, and I don't notice until all of a sudden I have a migraine.

Tonight feels like a nice night to knit and listen to NPR.