January 8th, 2006

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Remmy was whining for a ball that was under the couch, and I went to grab it, and when I pulled the couch pillow out from where it was stuck between the couch and the wall I discovered one side of it was completely covered in greenish-grey mold. And the wall had mold on it. And even the bookshelf had a little bit of mold on it. Which means that I need to be really careful about those books on the bottom shelf.

Mom told me that I was born in a house that had mold in it too. She said that she put a pair of sandals under the bed and when she pulled them out they were completely covered. Our house isn't that bad, but I'm still worried about air circulation and the damp. Oof.

Anyway, the mold is all wiped up and everything smells like bleach now, and I'll be looking at dehumidifiers online I think.
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I went through the entire duplex and bleached all of the window frames. That feels better. Good thing bleach fumes don't make me sick.

As I was doing the back window, I noticed a square white sticker thing that was half-attached to the wall near the floor. I peeled it off... and there's a quarter-sized hole underneath with cold air coming through.

So that clinches it - no painting. No big repairs as "practice for when we buy a house." This is ridiculous.