January 24th, 2006

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And guess who we had to call the police on last night because they were playing their music louder than on Friday night and, again, didn't answer their door? The cop had to find something to throw at the upstairs window to get the kid's attention this time.

I'm looking at classified ads this morning. I hate hate hate that we've lived here for two months and everything about the place screams "get out of here!"
S&G 1


Yay, that was fun. :) I sang half of one song and all of another, and then he worked with my voice a bit. He said he'd want to bring me on as a soprano but he doesn't have room for sopranos so if he did it'd be a first alto spot, which is OK with me as I'd like to be able to work on my lower range again. And I could always be bumped up if there's ever an opening "higher up." He gave me very nice compliments, though, which was kind of surprising - I figured he'd be disappointed since I'm definitely not up to par with most of the vocal performance majors that go to OSU. But he said he thought I'd make a very good choir teacher (I don't know how one can tell by listening whether one would make a good teacher, but that's OK!)

And now I wait for a few days to see if he liked me enough to put me in his choir!