May 5th, 2006

S&G 1

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I got my first two mosquito bites last night while taking the dog out.

I said goodbye to Cory this morning for two days. Or three. Until Sunday, anyway. He's up in Seattle now with his siblings. I still wish I could be up there. Oh well.

I sold exactly one ticket for choir. That makes me sad.

Did I mention I found a snake on the driveway on Wednesday night? He's a sweetheart. His temporary name is Frito because he's a corn snake. (I'm taking him to my friend, though, who will take him to a herpotologist and if he's OK he'll be a class pet.) I have a picture. I promise I'll upload pictures. I promise.

Choir is this weekend and then I'm finished with that obligation. I'll miss it but I'll be happy to have a little bit more time to do homework and things. I'm not really behind, but my footing is shaky.

I'm glad it's Friday.

I went to Borders last night and found that they have really fleshed out their crochet/knitting section. I saw several books I've looked at online, and didn't end up really liking any of them; but the one I liked best I bought:'s Fabulous & Flirty Crochet. There are a couple of projects in there that are cute, and they'll give me a chance to see how to deal with fitting clothing to bodies better.

The end.