May 18th, 2006

S&G 1

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The intersection of Highway 34 and Technology Loop was quiet at 10:45, with no cars whizzing by at 40 miles per hour for the moment. A butterfly was dancing along in the middle of the intersection, erratically because it was injured and because it was being chased by a scrub jay, who was following its every move exactly. Butterfly and bird landed, took off in one direction, landed, took off in another direction, back and forth and here and there, seemingly in vain for the poor butterfly. Until a car came close. The scrub jay, unwilling to leave its prey when it was so close to catching it, finally flew up and away but it was too late - the windshield caught the bird, and it bounced and landed in the turning lane. The exhausted butterfly stopped its evasive hopping around on the street and stopped to rest... right in the path of the truck that was following the bird-killer car.

That was the saddest wait at a left-turn light that I've ever had!