May 27th, 2006

S&G 1

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The Weather is smart. It knew gas prices are high and our gas budget is low. It knew we were going to get a lawn mower today. It knew I have homework and really should be doing it instead of wanting to go to the beach or camping or something outside.

We got everything done and were pulling back into our driveway by 12:02pm. We went to Costco for more good bread and so I could get a replacement card. (My picture makes me look incredibly unattractive.) We went to Old Navy so we could get some shorter pants. (Go to Old Navy at 10am on Saturday. There were about three other people there - it was great.) We went to Home Depot so we could get a reel mower. And we stopped by Burgerville for an early lunch and then Hollywood Video for a few episodes of the first season of Star Trek.

And now it's about dinnertime.