July 1st, 2006

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Remmy had bloodwork and an x-ray done last night. We got the results at 1:45am. No obstructions (unless it's a sock or something), electrolytes were fine, she wasn't super dehydrated, hadn't lost hardly any weight... so we're back where we started, sort of, with a new menu for her (chicken, cottage cheese and white rice), a couple of bottles of pills (to keep the acid down and to keep her from vomiting more), and a lighter wallet ($430 lighter). They said she probably wouldn't vomit anymore now that they gave her injections, but she's vomited twice this morning so I don't know.

So the trip to Bend is still postponed, though I'm feeling a bit more confident about traveling with her; but we'll see after we get some food down her.
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Dog Update

I kept a log all day today of what I gave Remmy to eat and when/how many times she vomited, which came in really handy when we went to the vet again at 3:30. This time the vet recommended keeping her there overnight and doing a barium test on her upper GI tract. I'm not sure how they're going to keep the barium in her stomach, but we'll see. Anytime she took anything orally today, it came right back up.

Cory and I have twice been able to discuss the dine-and-dash option as we waited for a vet tech to come in to take our money. That would have been nice - these two days have cost us almost $800.

So tonight I scrub the kitchen floor so there's no wiped-up vomit on it anymore, and vacuum everywhere else, and prepare to bring a sick pup home tomorrow.