July 13th, 2006

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I dreamed about Remmy last night. All of a sudden she was there in front of me, all wet and scruffy. I said "no, don't come back, don't come back, don't come back" but she was still there so I kneeled down and hugged and petted her. She was all wet, so I asked Cory if he'd taken her out to the park and he said "of course!" which I thought was odd since we both knew we put her to sleep. But I gave her some more love, and then she started vomiting out her nose again, and I thought "oh no, I have to go through this again?!"

It really wasn't a bad dream, but it was the first time I've dreamed about her since the 2nd.

In that same dream, I was walking down the street in my slippers, and all of a sudden I came around a corner and it was all snowy. I walked through the snow on the ground and then it started snowing on me and it was all pretty and my slippers kept me warm.
S&G 1


If you were about to marry a guy who already had two daughters (8 and 2) and your very good friend was going to give you a gift for your shower, what would you most like to get from your very good friend?

Which bridal shower gift would you like most?

A homemade breakfast-in-bed kit
A family-time kit

What would you like to see in your breakfast-in-bed kit?

What would you like to see in your family-time kit?

Do you have a better idea?

Lingerie is out, because everybody else is going to get her lingerie. I want something that I can put together myself. I already have lists going of what kinds of things I'll want to put in either of these little kits/baskets, and at the moment I'm leaning more towards a family-time kit, since the girls don't live with her and her fiance 100% of the time and she has mentioned that she wishes they could do fun things together as a family when they do have time together.