July 26th, 2006

S&G 1

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Yesterday included a tough evening. I have a big project in accounting that I was supposed to finish by today in order to keep up on my assignment schedule. I did a bit of work on it last weekend, but didn't finish it because I was pretty close to finishing and I decided I'd complete it during the class period. Well, I spent two hours on it and by 7pm (which is the cutoff time for turning in assignments and taking tests) I wasn't anywhere near finished and I found a couple of huge mistakes. So I left class and had a rough drive home. It kind of reminded me of those four months that I'd drive home from the assisted living place. But I think it was a combination of being frustrated at falling a bit behind in class as well as having a dehydration headache. So when I got home I ate half a watermelon and drank a lot of water, and I feel much better today.