July 29th, 2006

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Went to a candle party last night. It was... not my favorite. I don't like being frowned at just because I don't want to host my own candle party and I don't have a favorite item in the catalog and I don't want mail from Party Lite and I don't want to be a consultant. I did buy something, though, even though I shouldn't. Everything in the catalog is super expensive. Oy.

Today I have class. It's the last class I need in order to get my AA in General Education, and then once I get my accounting classes finished I'll have an AA in Gen Ed with a Focus in Accounting. I have class 8-4:50 today and tomorrow, and then again in a couple of weeks for two long days. I'm not particularly looking forward to spending so long in health class, but at least it'll be over in days instead of weeks. Might as well get it over with.

My dreams last night were full of people playing stupid candle-party-esque games and trying to get me to buy stuff. One game was passing around the end of a (real) pig's nose and saying what the nose was made of. The first girl said "this nose is made of... wool!" The next girl said "this nose is made of... cotton!" Then she passed it to me and I couldn't say anything because I was so mortified that we were playing a game like this, as adults. Heh. Lately my dreams have always pertained to what I'm doing the next day or what I did the day before.