October 24th, 2006

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I'm getting sick. I was really hoping I wouldn't catch whatever Cory had, but it looks like I'm not going to be that lucky. Cory had a pretty rough couple of days but he's feeling better today, so hopefully I'll be like him and only feel like crap for 3 days. I don't feel like crap yet, but my throat feels big and strange, and my nose is very slowly starting to get a teensy bit clogged.

I got my Business Law test back yesterday. I would have gotten a high B but the teacher grades on a curve so I got an A. I think by college, students shouldn't have to be graded on a curve. Oh well.

Work is very quiet. It's nice to have time to study on the clock, but it's kind of frustrating that I don't have more to do. My boss is gone this week (well, she's coming in for maybe an hour every day or so) so I've had to go to the post office, which takes up a little time, but I've gotten efficient enough at my normal every-day work that it doesn't take long to finish it all; and the receptionist has kind of taken over part of my log accounting, which is fine but it leaves me with less to do.

I can't believe the term is halfway over already.
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There's a spot on my back, just to the left of my neck, just below my shoulder, that hurts. I keep trying to massage it and I keep letting my muscles relax to keep them from creeping up under my ears, like they do when I get a sore spot. I might require husband hands later this evening.