November 5th, 2006

S&G 1

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On Friday night, solteronita invited me to go to the Mary Poppins Sing-a-Long at Cinema 21 in Portland. I decided at the last minute to go, so on Saturday morning I took Cory to the library and drove up to Portland. It didn't rain at all the whole way up, which was nice because then I felt comfortable going 75 and I was up there in no time. I met Nicoal at her house and looked at the crocheting she's been doing lately (more than me!) and then she drove us to Swagat on 21st and Lovejoy for their buffet. I remember Swagat being nicer inside. It was kind of dumpy, almost, and there was a picture above Nicoal's head of a naked Indian guy.

After we stuffed ourselves, we went out into the rain which had started during lunch, and we stopped at a few places to window shop, and then grabbed some gingerbread lattes and sat in Starbucks for awhile and had good conversations. rini met us at the theater, and we found a spot in the back. There were a lot of kids there, and they all were eating their pixie sticks and popping their poppers, which we got at the door to use during the movie. Mary Poppins came out and taught us what to do during the movie and did a quick costume contest, which was had a disappointing turnout.

The movie was good, as always, and it had been many years since I'd seen it so the bank parts that were always so boring to me were actually kind of interesting, with the old bank dudes talking about accounting terms that I knew. Heh. The movie was over 2 hours, and with the warm-up beforehand we ended up getting out of there pretty late. Nicoal and I said goodbye to Erin, and then we got stuck by the Rose Garden because of horrendous traffic and people running red lights and making up their own lanes and things. But we got out of it eventually and we parted ways in front of Nicoal's apartment, and I went to Dad's house.

Dad and I had a "quick dinner" at McMenamins over by Mall 205, and the service was horrible. We don't usually have problems at our McMens, but we had to wait for a long time for a table, and then the table was dirty and the gal forgot to ask what kind of side I wanted with my food, and then it took about an hour for us to get our food, and then my turkey cranberry wrap had no cranberries in it. Oy. After dinner we went back to Dad's and he gave me a bit of his homemade pumpkin ice cream, and then I drove home. 205 had a couple of pretty big puddles over by West Linn, and they were kind of scary. I hit the second one just as another car was passing me, so he threw a bunch of water on my windshield and I couldn't see anything. But the rain stopped soon after that and it didn't rain most of the rest of the way home.

And now it's homework day. And I really should get groceries day.