December 2nd, 2006

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I had bad dreams about Grandpa all night. In the first one I dreamed he'd gotten dementia towards the end and would wear high heels and talk loudly and slur. The high heels part sounds really dumb now that I'm awake, but when I had just woken up from that one I cried. Then I fell back asleep and was at his funeral, where I told someone that I'd just had a dream about him dying the night the he died.

So now I hope I don't get any phone calls today. But I will be calling Grandpa, I think.
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Well, that took forever.

Months and months ago, I left my Mac on the arm of the couch and went out for awhile. When I got home, the computer was on the floor with a little owie on the monitor (a break/cut about an inch long) and the f key was really sensitive. Those of you who've chatted with me online may have noticed strange f's where they didn't belong. Anyway, today I got tired of deleting f's and I moved all my files and applications over to Cory's old PowerBook that we'd been using just as a print server. I realized that there was no reason why I shouldn't use the more powerful machine instead of having it sit there on the kitchen table, and my old Mac would make a much better table-holder-downer.

Three hours later, I'm finally finished moving things over. I ran into a few snags, and we ended up having to drive to Cory's work to get the installation disk for the right OS. But it's all moved and I'm happy to not have to worry about typing random f's anymore.