February 15th, 2007

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Help! I'm drowning!

There is a serious winter storm going on out there. For those of you who live with white winter storms, this one is of the wet variety, not the cold variety. It's supposed to be 55 degrees out there today, actually. But it's windy and rainy and I can barely see out the window what with the drops slapping the panes and clinging to the screen. It makes me not want to go outside in search of lunch. I'd have to go down four steps and then run five feet to my car, and that's a long way in the rain!

It's Thursday but it has felt like Friday and Monday back and forth all day. I'm messed up because the check signer came to the office yesterday instead of today. And because I finalized last week's log payments early. I think that's why, anyway. It could just be that I'm weird. It's happened for the past couple of weeks - the days go by so quickly that I can't keep up.

Today I looked into getting a Guide Dog puppy to raise. I think ultimately I don't have enough time to be able to spend with a puppy, seeing as I'm at work all day and I doubt I'd be able to bring the dog with me; but I think it would be nice to help out the community in that way - dogs that don't pass the guide dog tests usually become narcotics dogs, or some other kind of service dog. It'd be a year commitment, which isn't so bad, I'd just have to figure out how to take care of it all day as well as go out every week with it to places with lots of people and noise and things. It sounds like fun.

Rain rain rain. I'll have to grab lunch and pick Cory up and take him to school, because I'm sure he wouldn't enjoy having to ride his bike 2 miles in this weather.
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Dreary Night

It's a stay-in night. The rain still hasn't let up - today was a dumb day to wear a skirt. But all the rain brings the frogs out - there's a bullfrog under the front steps of the office that we kept trying to find so we could catch it. But he was pretty sly so we never got a chance to see him.

I got home about ten minutes ago, and already my face is washed and my pajamas are on. I've finished the Tunisian part of my CrochetMe pattern example, and now I've just got to weave in about fifty million ends, take pictures, sew it together, take more pictures, and finish writing the pattern. And then do the other one too. And watch The Office and Scrubs. Yay Thursday night TV - who else besides bon-bons can make my butt this big?