February 17th, 2007

S&G 1

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It's a beautiful beautiful day today. While those on the east side of the country are still trying to dig out from under snowdrifts, it's sunny and 59 degrees here with a deep blue sky. Cory and I walked to Starbucks in the morning, and then pumped the tires up on my bike and we rode to Fred Meyer to buy tennis balls. We rode through the Corvallis High School campus in search of tennis courts but aren't sure where they are and missed them. I knew of a couple of other places, so we checked one out on our bikes but it had standing water on it. Then we rode home and got in the car and drove to the next one, which also had standing water; and settled for the OSU courts. I figured it'd be busy but there was just one court busy, so we unpacked our rackets and ran after more balls than we hit. I'm not good at tennis. We stopped at Safeway when we were finished for some lunch, and spent the rest of the sunny afternoon basking in the sun streaming through the window.

...And I thought I posted this three hours ago. Oops!