March 17th, 2007

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Last night I had a bit of a stomach ache, and when I woke up this morning I still had it. I thought it was around 2am because it was dark and I felt like I hadn't slept at all, and when I checked the clock it was 6. I rooted around in the bathroom and found a tummyache pill and went back to bed; and woke up at 8 with sore muscles from falling asleep hard and not moving from the position I was in.

Breakfast was a strata that I had been planning to make for a couple of weeks, and it ended up being icky: bland and mushy. I cooked it for longer than it called for but it still wasn't good. Oh well.

We went downtown after breakfast and cashed our tax return checks and then had coffee and Cory studied while I read some of "The Namesake" by Jhumpa Lahiri. When we got bored we walked over to Gracewinds Music and looked at their guitars and grabbed a couple of sets of strings; and then we went to the Humane Society.

I'd never been to Heartland before, and it was kind of in a strange spot - at the end of a dead-end street, surrounded by trailers and broken-down duplexes. The building was nice, though, and there were several dogs to choose from. There was one puppy, and the shiba inu mix that I saw online was there, but nobody really jumped out and bit us, so to speak. We didn't fall in love with anyone. We stopped in the cattery as well, and scratched a couple of necks there just for fun.

After a stop at Baja Fresh, we came home and then I set out again, this time to the Willamette Humane Society in Salem with my aunt and uncle. There were about the same number of dogs, but they were mostly older dogs (like six years or more) and a lot of hound mixes, which made for a rather deafening visit. The kitties were sweet there too - one of them grabbed my fingers with its little paws and pulled them towards its head so I could scratch it. The place was really busy too, with lots of little kids. One of them was telling an employee "I want this kitty, please!" with no parent in sight. It was cute.

And now I'm back at home, but about ready to go out with Cory in search of a malt beverage and a lively drinking song. But first I must put on something with sleeves and longer pant-legs because it's cold out there now.