April 14th, 2007

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I had a very nice time with my mom and aunts and grandma in Salem yesterday. We all went to a Thai restaurant in Keizer for lunch, and ran around Fred's for a bit, looking at garden supplies and grabbing things for the dinner party my mom and aunt were going to go to later. The rest of the afternoon was spent crocheting and chatting. (Nobody else crocheted, but we all chatted.) When Mom left for the dinner party, I came home.

Today has been quiet, except for the washer and dryer going. We watched Venus Williams lose a tennis match in a tiebreaker, we played a bit of computer game together, we walked to Blockbuster, we got coffees, and now it's time for a little homework. I'm glad there's another day in which to laze tomorrow. I think it might be fun to go to the beach but I think Cory will not have the time. We shall see.

Oh yes. And the new CrochetMe is up. The only thing I like is the apron, but I would look silly in it as I'm just slightly curvy. A short version might be cute, though, for a summer top.