April 23rd, 2007

S&G 1

A strange dream, then a Jonah day

This morning, between the time that Cory got up (4:30am) and the time I got up (6am), I dreamed that a school blew up. I watched it play out as though I was reading it in the newspaper, but I also was involved. Twice. First I was one of two girls who knew the explosion was coming, so we ran down the street into someone's yard and lied down flat behind a slightly-raised flower bed. Just before the wave of heat from the explosion got to us, I pulled a flap of sod over my head. Our skin ended up melting, I remember. Then, I was a reporter on the other side of the school. I saw the flash from the explosion and some students and I turned and ran the other way until the fire overtook us. In neither of those situations was I worried, upset, or in pain; it just was what it was.

My morning was normal, and then about the time that I got to school I started having what Anne-with-an-e would call a Jonah Day. First I visited with my advisor, who was trying to prepare for class and wasn't all that excited to see me, and he told me that even though I had satisfied all of the class requirements to get my certificate, since I tested into Math 95 and skipped over Math 65, I still have to take 3 or 4 more credits so that my number of credits matched what's on the course sheet. I think that's a load of crap, so I am going to try to talk to someone else next time I'm on campus, but it made me a little upset.

Then in class, I got a bad grade on my test from last week.

Then after class, I headed over to Costco to pick up my prescriptions. I got there, parked, and dug in my purse for my Costco card, which is in my wallet, which was in my coat pocket, hanging on the hook at home. ARGH. Three strikes and I'm out, I guess.