June 30th, 2007

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I'm alive!

I've been up for an hour, but Cory's still snoring away upstairs. Both of us love to get up early by ourselves for a quiet morning, and this time it's apparently my turn. The sun is out and shining through the sycamore leaves in front of the house, and a bird is kind of annoyingly singing. Nobody fun has found our bird feeder yet - I've seen a few scrub jays out there on occasion but I'm still waiting for the finches and chickadees. I opened the window too, but I'm afraid I did it too soon because though it smells nice out there, it's also only 50 degrees. It's supposed to be 80 later though.

Yesterday was a very nice day. This is because of two things.

I got a raise, of $9000! Free drinks for everyone! I won't see it until about a month from now because it starts on the first, but that's OK. It's going to help us out a ton once Cory quits his job!

I also sent in a query letter to Lark Publishing's acquisition team. I was talking to another designer who is doing a bit of writing for them, and she gave me the name and email address of one of the acquisition people, so I emailed her to test the waters, and she wrote back right away asking for the query. I'm not expecting to hear from her for a week or two (if at all!) but it's still exciting! I'm trying to step up work on my proposal so it's ready if she wants it.

Today is my friend's baby shower, up in Salem. I bought something for her off of her registry at target.com and had it sent to her house because I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to go, but now that I'm planning on it I have nothing to take with me to watch her open. And I haven't had time to crochet anything. So I may either run to the toy store before I go, or run to the yarn shop so I can crochet something for her while I'm there. We shall see.

I also have grocery shopping, cleaning and a couple of movies on my to-do list. And a shower. Guess I ought to start with that.